In the middle of March, the Cranes arrives, their sound, and the special circling of the flocks in the sky is one of the most spectacular signs of the spring you can see. After the peculiar silence of the winter, darkness and nakedness one appreciates the growing life in the brown beech-leaf carpet.

One of the first signs of spring in our area, fungus-wise, is the appearance of the rare scarlet cup fungus "sarcoscypha coccinea", that fruit in the spring of the year. It is growing on old half buried hardwood in old forest locations.

The light green leafs of the sorrel and the typical spring flowers as wood anemone, yellow wood anemone, and yellow star of Bethlehem and so on. When the blooming of the traditional spring flowers is over, the rare ramsons start their blooming in the beech forest. The grate amount of the ramsons with its special white colour, form and smell, makes the forest unique.
At this time, the bird-cherry come out, and the trees are leafing. It is fascinating, sitting silent at the edge of the forest a sunny spring-day and listening to the sound of the leafing accompanied by the song of the small birds.

The activity of the birds and animals in the new leafed beech forest is high in spring. Birds build nests of different materials. Hares are playing and the cook pheasant are working hard for their territories. The deers are eating of the new grass and the domestic animals are sunbathing. The scent of the plants, the activity of the insects and the moving life in the pond is very special for the spring. In May we can enjoy the concert of the tree-frogs, if they heron hasn't had too many for dinner. The pond has many visitors as ducks, gees, coot and other wading birds.